Photo from Abstinence performance at the Highline Ballroom in NYC + art from the album Delusions of Architecture


Delusions Of Architecture

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The High Voltage Circumcision Show with DJs Deftly-D and Josh B

Monday nights from 7-10PM (EST) on 90.3 FM WZBC

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Nau-Zee-auN live - Deftly-D, Roland Adams, Andy Grant


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October 2015 brought our 25 year anniversary festival to the Boston area. A few items are available from the festival including the newly published photo book, the over 3 hour compilation and a few t-shirts. Snag them while you still can.

The Unreasonable: Voidstar Productions XXV Year Anniversary Compilation - Ltd Extended USB edition main photo

Voidstar Productions 25 Year Anniversary Festival photo book

Upcoming releases

more t.b.a.


We are pleased to announce that Voidstar Productions will be releasing AZFARAT's latest album, Enough of Song. Here's a preview from this upcoming barage.


After more than a decade of seeing him perform, we are happy to announce Voidstar Productions' first full length album by Journey to the Center of the Colon is in the final stages of production before release.

For those unfamiliar with JttCotC, expect a unusual blend of human beatboxing, odd characters, twisted humor, daisy chained electronic loopers, various vocal processing, all done in single unedited takes by this very unique artist.


Let's start by introducing KoKondo Zaz.

One of the most unique bands out of the 52 countries on the African continent, Kokondo Zaz just confirmed they will have a release with Voidstar Productions and Furnace Records Winter 2016/2017.

When I first saw video of KoKondo Zaz I felt like it was the perfect melding of the worlds of African polyrhythmic percussion and industrial in the realms of bands like Test Dept, early SPK, Z'ev, Babyland, Neptune, FM Einheit, Cut Hands, and Einstürzende Neubauten. Based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in Africa, this will be their first release to come out of the United States.

A return to the label side of Voidstar Productions

In 2016, we are returning to releasing new matterial as well as re-releasing out of print and archived recordings. We will slowly announce who we are talking to as the time is right, but for now we have two releases available at our bandcamp including limited physical media and more.

So far we can announce that new matterial is sceduled for release from KoKondo Zaz, Nau-Zee-auN, Ukuphambana, Journey to the Center of the Colon and Zero Times Infinity but that's only scratching the surface of what we have planned.

At the close of 2015 we released a remastered 20 year anniversary edition of our first release, Zero Times Infinity's long unavailable experimental debut release, Insomnolence.

New Providence RI base

Deftly-D, the founder of Voidstar Productions has relocated to the Providence area and is working on plans for events starting Spring 2016.


Video and photos from our 25 year anniversary fest will be posted here soon.

Voidstar Productions 25th Anniversary Festival

The artists were

Author & Punisher
Cervello Elettronico
Dead Voices On Air cancelled
High-Functioning Flesh
Insect Ark
Journey to the Center of the Colon
Marching Dynamics
Pattern Behavior
Pine Tree State Mind Control
Sleep Clinic
The Vomit Arsonist
Zero Times Infinity

djs and turntablists
DJ Arcanus
DJ Josh B
DJ Doomcookie
DJ Darryl Hell

Corrosion DJs
Brian L

Devil's Advocate

video art and lighting
Leif Hunneman
Noah Hirka
A Curious Production


Abstinence celebrates 30 years of creating industrial music with their 2015 WHISTLEBLOWER TV TOUR. Utilizing powertools, dynamic electronics, specially designed metal instruments, powerful rhythms and an engaging video accompaniment that brings big machines and environments into the performance, it's a stage show like none other. Over the decades they have motivated/influenced numerous artists. The performance features exclusive & shared footage from legendary whistleblowers/truthtellers like Michael Ruppert, Edward Snowden, Ann Wright, Thomas Drake, Cynthia McKinney, and James Bamford. The performance also features exclusive footage from F.M. Einheit [Einstürzende Neubauten], Harry Allen [Public Enemy Media Assassin], Joel Dreyfus [former editor of The Root, Red Herring, PC Magazine, Fortune], Dr. Laura Crary [professor of art history]. This is NOT to be missed.

Author & Punisher

Iconoclastic in the truest sense of the word, Tristan Shone inverts the tenets of doom metal completely, relying on cold steel and soulless machinery to sonically replicate the despondency of life. Described most succinctly as “industrial doom,” this one-man project utilizes primarily custom designed and fabricated machines and speakers. From Shone’s background and current position as a mechanical engineer, his designs and devices draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics with also a focus upon the eroticism of interaction with machine. The machines are designed to require significant force from the performer, aligning he/she with the plodding doom-influenced sounds that are created.

Cenotype was influenced by the first and second ‘Power Noise’ waves of the mid-late 1990s, Cenotype now seeks to rise above the growing mass of imitators spawned by that movement to create an identity all its own, incorporating elements of Death Industrial and Power Electronics while staying true to his origins. This project centers around themes of morality, justice, sanity, depression and, at times, even redemption.

Cervello Elettronico
Cervello Elettronico
- “Electronic Brain” is the brainchild of Los Angeles based producer David Christian, who has made himself a name with numerous live shows in North America and Europe at important festivals like Schlagstrom (Berlin), Wave Gotik Treffen (Leipzig), Slimelight (London), Planet Myer Day (Leipzig), Storm Party (Rotterdam), C.O.M.A. Fest (Montreal) and Festival Kinetik (Montreal). The prolific musician has produced remixes for the likes of KMFDM, Leæther Strip, :Wumpscut:, and TERRORFAKT on labels Industrial Strength, Metropolis, Dependent, and Alfa Matrix. There have also been well-received releases on HANDS Productions, Crunch Pod, Rustblade and SquareWav.

Compactor is an interconnected set of mostly obsolete machinery that is manipulated by a worker under orders from a faceless corporation. Fragments of Industrial, Noise, Hardcore Techno, Glitch, Breakcore, and others are crushed into soundtracks to the daily grind and the landscape of waste we live and work in. Each live shift is different from the others, though some sounds may be recycled.

Audio Work Documents have been licensed to Industrial Strength Records, Out-Of-Body Records, Annihilvs Power Electronix, Worthless Recordings, Enemata Productions, and several others since 2011.

Derek Rush of Compactor is also in the bands A Murder Of Angels, Dream Into Dust, Loretta's Doll and Of Unknown Origin all with Bryin Dall (of Hirsuit Pursuit and Thee Majesty).

∆AIMON is a male/female duo working within the electronic genre to produce atmospheric compositions built upon dark and occult aesthetics. Dense and weighed heavily by a bleak and oddly romantic sentiment.

∆AIMON has remixed or collaborated with countless artists including Databomb, Edward Ka-Spell, 3Teeth, Everything Goes Cold, Aesthetic Perfections and iVardensphere to name but a few.

Mark Spybey

DEAD VOICES on AIR - Mark Spybey started his career in the North-East of England with Zoviet France in the late eighties before moving to Vancouver. It was here that Dead Voices On Air were formed. Spybey also worked under the name Propeller and was an original member of Download, who included members of Skinny Puppy. Spybey was the voice of perhaps their most successful release, “The Eyes of Stanley Pain,” in 1996. After leaving Download he started a series of collaborations, appearing on over 50 albums in a five-year period. He was part of CAN guitarist Michael Karoli’s band Sofortkontakt! and appeared at all of the Can 30th anniversary shows in 1999. Spybey was a close friend of Michael Karoli prior to his death in 2001 and had toured with him as part of legendary CAN vocalist Damo Suzuki’s Network in 1998 in North America, appearing in the German TV film by Peter Braatz, “On the Air.”

Spybey has recorded and played live with numerous collaborators including Can, Faust, Michael Rother (Neu!) and Dieter Moebius (Cluster), Simon Fisher Turner , members of The Legendary Pink Dots, Mick Harris (Scorn, Painkiller, Napalm Death), Jarboe (Swans), James Plotkin (Flux, Old, Scorn), Robert Hampson (Loop/Main), Jochen Arbeit (Einzturzende Neubaten), Darryl Neudorf and Sugarpill (Abintra), Not Breathing, Pigface, Martin Atkins, Spasm, and Genesis P Orridge. He has worked with a number of record companies, including Kranky, Nettwerk, Invisible and Soleilmoon.

Spybey formed the band Beehatch with Phil Western of Download, who released two albums in 2008 and toured Europe. In 2004 he formed Reformed Faction, a duo with founding member of Zoviet France and Rapoon, Robin Storey. The band have released numerous albums, and have played live in both Europe, Russia and North America. In recent years Spybey also joined with his ex-colleagues from Download, cEvin Key and Phil Western for a series of concerts in the USA, Canada, Europe and Russia.

It is his work as Dead Voices on Air that perhaps most accurately defines the essence of his sound and the techniques that he has developed in a career spanning more than two decades. In the mid nineties, he released five Dead Voices on Air albums in a three-year period, whilst also recording the first two Download albums, two Propeller records and a dozen collaborations with other artists. Following the release of “Piss Frond,” (“the most cohesive product I could ever imagine,” Ink Nineteen) he toured extensively. A live album was followed by “From Labrador to Madagascar,” in 2007. Lens Records released the album, “Fast Falls the Eventide,” in September of 2009, a double cd set. Late in 2009 he released a vinyl only album for Russia’s Brudenia Records, “The Light of June Drowned Flowers in Your Mouth,” closely followed by another vinyl release “The Silent Wing,” for Houston’s Tourette Records in March of 2010. He also released another Dead Voices on Air album for Lens Records in the same year, ”From Afar All Stars Spark and Glee,” featuring Phil Western and Serbian/American singer Ivana Salipur. In 2011 he released the cd “Michael and the Angels Fought,” featuring a host of collaborators including Salipur, Phillipe Petit, the cellist Bela Emerson and Robin Storey. In 2012 he released the album ‘Mawson’s Will and Other Stories,’ a collaboration witn Robert Hampson and others for the Russian label Ewers Tonkunst. In 2013 two albums were released simultaneously for the Hong Kong label U.M.P, ‘Y Para Ba,’ and ‘Y Para Be.’ He then in 2014 released a cd for the Canadian label, Crime League called ‘Did Digger Do jehovah.’ An ambitious triple cd box set for the UMP label from Hong Kong is being released in the spring of 2015, called, ‘Never too much of nothing.’ He has also made a lot of work, some old and some new available for digital download. He has in recent years released four albums as part of the duo, ‘Gnome and Spybey.’ He is also undertaking an ambitious series of 7 inch single releases for Tourette Records to mark the 20th anniversary of Dead Voices on Air, each featuring a different collaborator, including (amongst others) Simon Fisher Turner, Edward Kaspel, Not Breathing, Orbit Service, Robert Hampson and Jochen Arbeit. He continues to record and perform as Dead Voices on Air with numerous collaborators including the American Lori Cole, the Argentinian Marco Roberti and the Serbian-American singer Ivana Salipur.

Lynn Standafer, better known as end.user, undoubtedly counts as the better known, most active and highest praised breakcore producers. Shooting his way through the 2000’s with salvoes of EPs and albums as well as constantly touring all over the world, Enduser has grown from being a driving force of this sound to one of its best embodiment and most recognized figure.

High-Functioning Flesh

High Functioning Flesh is an Electro-punk act from Los Angeles, USA, in the vein of bands like Portion Control and Cabaret Voltaire, as executed by electronic body mutants Greg Vand and Susan Subtract. Their unique hard beating electronics are heavily infused with body horror and seeks to revive us from our spectacle-induced coma. Unlike the swarm of revival, retro, and oldschool bands out there hoping to capture your nostalgia or naivety, HFF is looking to pump your bodies and refresh your mind from the tired beat.

Insect Ark

Insect Ark (Dana Schechter / Ashley Spungin) is an instrumental doom band based in Brooklyn NY and the SF Bay Area.  The duo braids together delay-drenched lapsteel, drums, distorted bass & synths to create a brooding and aggressive sonic mural, both uncomfortably intimate and icy cold. 
Photo : Meow's Imaginarium

Insect Ark - "Long Arms" (Official Video) from Chris Carlone on Vimeo.

Marching Dynamics

Marching Dynamics will be doing an exclusive first time in the east coast performance. Shane Talada and Jeff Swearengin are Marching Dynamics. A powerhouse duo hailing from Los Angeles, who transform electronic music into an intense and profound psychoacoustic atmospheric experience. These electro-hooligans create an infectious experiential paradox which works equally well in meditative states or on the dance floor. Marching Dynamics have previous releases on the Hymen and Squarewav labels, and have now joined the Waxtooth label roster.


Mend will be performing as a first time east coast exclusive performer. The partnership between Kassi Cork, and Max Glascott, both veterans of the electronic scene in their own right , Chicago based MEND showcases an impressive stylistic range, from IDM to industrial with nods to dub-step, acid, electro, classical and beyond.

Photo credit: Kirsten Miccoli, 2013

Pattern Behavior is an electronic duo based out of Providence, RI comprised of Raab Codec and Elizabeth Virosa. Raab Codec / Snowbeasts is known for his post-industrial percussive based electronica and is the label operator behind Component Recordings. Elizabeth has a background visual, sound and performance art as well as an interest in creating homemade electronic instruments. Using a combination of analog synthesis and digital sound processing their sound can be described as moody electronics with elements of IDM, downtempo, and ambient. The Collapsar EP is a continuation of the ideas laid out on their debut release.

Pattern Behavior have done remixes for displacer, Theologian and Witch Eyes and performed with High-Functioning Flesh, 3Teeth and is will be performing with Richard Devine in Texas latter this year.

Pine Tree State Mind Control uses Subliminal Messages and Hypnosis Techniques to create a happier, more productive society.

Fitting in equally poorly on bills with bands of the diverse industrial dance, powernoise, power electronics, idm, harsh noise, and experimental genres, Pine Tree State Mind Control has presented at Fests throughout the Northeast US as well as 75% of COMA shows in Montreal (Precursor to Kinetik). PTSMC shows are part motivational program, part psychological experiment. Nobody dances. Everyone smiles.

Based in Los Angeles, California, prolific experimental musician, sound designer, producer & visual artist Jeff Swearen!gin has been releasing music as Sleep Clinic since 2004. He is also known for his work with Marching Dynamics (Shane Talada).

Sleep Clinic’s sound is difficult to define, traversing between dense atmospherics, noise experiments, drone, industrial/ebm, held together by punishing rhythmic structure & driven by an avant-techno heart. 

Sleep Clinic’s sound is as liquid & ever-changing as the artist behind it. Shifting gears from transcendental spaces to ultra-bleak minimal textures & dance-floor pulse with neck-snapping efficiency, the Sleep Clinic universe is boundless.


Brooklyn’s Statiqbloom is the dark hallucinogenic brainchild of Fade Kainer. Drawing from the grittiness of early industrial and EBM, Statiqbloom combines hard dance beats and haunting electronics with disorienting vocals to create a pulsing raw vision of music for today.


THEOLOGIAN began in late 2009 as Lee M. Bartow's new solo industrial project, following the dissolution of his long-standing endeavor NTT (Navicon Torture Technologies). Since then, the lineup has expanded to include Fade Kainer (Statiqbloom), Matt Slagle (Dracaris), and most recently, Daniel Suffering of Whorid. THEOLOGIAN has released albums for Danvers State Recordings, Crucial Blast, Handmade Birds and Malignant Records. Lee has also collaborated with countless acts including Brighter Death Now,Cenotype, Jarboe, Scott Sturgis of Converter, Deutsch Nepal (Official),Prometheus Burning, Troum and Steel Hook Prostheses.


Timeghost (Load Records, Providence RI). Symbol-laden angular electronic meditation, synchronized to flickering lights and altered by prosthetic sensors. Sounds ranging from exotic minimalism to industrial pulverization.

The Vomit Arsonist, (Andrew Grant) is a death industrial / power electronics artist from the Northeastern United States. The project exists for the sole purpose of attempting to exorcise personal demons through the medium of sound.

The Vomit Arsonist has collaborated with numerous artists including Theologian, Regosphere, Earhate, Caustic, Cazzokraft, Naxel Protocol and Murderous Vision among others. He's done remixes for Auditor, Perfection Plastic and the Terrorfakt related project T-FAKTOR, and has releases on many labels including Malignant Records, Voidstar Productions, Danvers State Recordings, RRRecords, Annihilvs Power Electronix, Force Of Nature Productions, Oppressive Resistance Recordings., Assembly of Hatred and Phage Tapes among others. Andrew is also a member of the bands Nau-Zee-auN, TERRORFAKT, Bereft, White Load, The Wolfbane Blues, c.i.r., Thee Virginal Brides and head of Danvers State Recordings.

Zero Times Infinity is the band that started Voidstar Productions. From early raw experimental roots, founders Deftly-D, Chris (a.k.a. Ukuphambana), and Ennui (a.k.a. Technology Will Fail) started out with no budget, using what ever they could get their hands on from childrens toys to old beaten up reel to reels and junk that others threw out.

Within a year of their first tape release, Insomnolence, they performed their first live shows with Mentallo and The Fixer, Crocdile Shop and Battery Cage. ZTI have been joined by a rotating cast of members that among others includes Maria Moran from Zipper Spy, Mad A from Grenadier, Ethan E Eves from O.J.A.M.O.J., Roland Adams from Battery Cage and Nau-Zee-auN, Ashlie P.T. (Fear of Possibility), Machinerygod, Die X, and more. Zero Times Infinity has perfomed countless unique shows with countless acts including Emergency Broadcast Network, TERRORFAKT, Prurient, Aaron Spectre (a.k.a. Drumcorps), MSBR, C2, Emil Beualeau, Navicon Torture Technologies, David Linton, Crank Sturgeon, Women of Sodom, Saturnalia, :Moment:, KK Null, The Haters, Pneumatic Detach, The Evolution Control Committee, Cex, Lloop, and on and on. It has been two years since the last surprise perofrmance and longer still since the last fully planned set. Anything is possible given their history of perofrmance art, improvisation, and experimentation that has involved everything from a stage full of artists sampling and recycling eachother's live sound, to tieing up and abusing the whole audience until they fight back, to a tongue in cheek tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen. Music and performances at different times have been compared by audiences to S.P.K., Iannis Xenakis, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Orb, Test Dept, and Einstürzende Neubauten.

Video Playlist of footage shot by Lüke Haughwøut and Mandi Martini of Mechanical Harvest at Voidstar Productions 2 day festival on July 19-20 featuring:

Xiphoid Dementia, Kintaan, Massdirge, Timeghost, Theologian, 3Teeth's first Boston area performance, Raab Codec performing a Snowbeasts set, Pattern Behavior's debut performance, Statqbloom, Cervello Elettronico, iVardensphere, DJ Josh B, DJ Brian L, DJ Arcanus, DJ Doomcookie, DVJ Deftly-D and Leif Hunneman of The Retinal Exploitation Cooperative and }hexdump{ filling in of video with DJ Pet of A Curious Production on sound and lights.

Thanks are due for everyone that made this show happen including my coproducer David Doktor, Kathleen Chausse, Joshua Barnes, James Dattolo (planning, design, sound, lighting, etc.). Our video crew mentioned before. The volunteers who helped with set up and breakdown and helped with lodging and other items including Edward Brandon Jr, Tony Lee, John Perez-Kudzma, Juliet Brownell, Giuliana Funkhouser, Christopher Machinerygod, Rebecca Carrie Ames, Jesse Simko, Egan Budd, Jared Helfer, Ryan Pietras and Pet's crew member taht I don't have on here Ryan. Thanks for Fade Kainer and Annihilvs Power Electronix for beyond their excellent performances, helping with some of the most significant logistical headaches of the weekend.

Also a special thanks to Leif Hunneman who helped with countless things including being my back up video artist during several moments of the night including Cervello Elettronico's set.

Also a special thanks to our stage manager brought in by Pet who went way above and beyond stage manager duties throughout the night, Emily Rivka Millman.

November 2-4, 2012: Voidstar Productions Halloween Industrial Fest raised the bar with a line up that included:

Reformed Faction, Author & Punisher, Dead Voices On Air, Controlled Bleeding, Otto Von Schirach, Rapoon, Mark Hosler of Negativland, }hexdump{, David Linton, Operation:Mindwipe, Zero Times Infinity, Not Breathing, Raab Codec, Dev/Null, Corphalism, Xiphoid Dementia, Smoke Meow (a.k.a. Encanti), Pine Tree State Mind Control, The Vomit Arsonist, Journey to the Center of the Colon, Prometheus Burning, Darryl Hell, Brian Kane, Audio.Slab, David Fischer, Bereft, DJ Arcanus, DJ Brad Rhodes, DJ Jenova Complex and The Retinal Exploitation Cooperative.

some of the rare moemnts of the weekend included the first collaboration of Dead Voices On Air and Not Breathing in I belive as I type this over a decade, along with Rapoon/Reformed Faction in the mix, a first time collaboration of Mark Hosler of Negativland, Otto von Schirach and Journey to the Center of the Colon titled by Mark "Otto Von Colon Land", a surprise set by "Women and Children", what was billed as a sideproject of Author and Punisher at the time but was the early development of what would become A&P's album Women and Children, a collaboration of Raab Codec and Not Breathing, and a rare Operation:Mindwipe set featuring Darryl Hell, Mark Spybey and Deftly-D.

Here's some of the video captured by Luke and Mandi from that weekend.

with so many years of shows it will be a while before we get most of the video links up but hopefully these two shows will do for more recent larger events for now.