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The Voidstore's first 1 day sale

This is our first VOIDSTORE ONE DAY SALE!!!

Browse the Voidstore.

24 hour sale ends tomorrow December 23rd, 2009 at 4PM.
Payments are due via paypal by 8PM the same day.
E-mail your order request to "deftly[d0t]d[at]gmail[dot]com" only to take advantage of this sale.
I'll check stock and reply with confirmation a.s.a.p.
Stock will be sold on a first come first served basis with no reservations.

%10 off on all orders of any size

%20 off orders of 3 items or more worth over $60 value

%25 off orders of 5 items or more worth over $100

%25 off and FREE SHIPPING* on orders over $200

Orders paid for before 6AM tomorrow will ship tomorrow day.
All domestic shipping is media mail or first class unless you specify a faster method.

For Boston area, contact me to visit and view the store in person or mention if you want to pick your order up.

*First Class or Media Mail only. Shipping charges apply for all other shipping methods.

Feel free to forward this message to anyone that you think should know about this sale.

Thanks for your support,

DJ Darryl Hell & Deftly-D on WZBC

Last Sunday Darryl Hell made a special guest appearance on Deftly's radio show and shot a collaborative experiemntal dj set between the Abstinence DJs. Video will be released from this show at a later date but you can hear a preview at the show's blog.

Nau-Zee-auN, The Vomit Arsonist and more remix T-Faktor

T-Faktor is a side project of Benjamin DeWalt (a.k.a. DJ Hellraver) of the hard hitting industrial power noise phenomenon know as TERRORFAKT. "Bricks and Thunder" is a free release previewing 3 T-TAKTOR tracks from the upcoming T-FAKTOR release "Bricksplitter" plus some amazing remixes.

After an intensive session Deftly-D and Joshua Langberg completed a remix for this release under Nau-Zee-auN. Other remixers include The Vomit Arsonist, Prometheus Burning, Wilt, Freeze Etch, C2, Caustic, LAN Formatique, synnack, Cenotype, and more.

Available for free download in the releases section of the Force Of Nature site.

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For old news updates go to the Voidstar_prod Livejournal group.

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Voidstar Productions is a record label, production company, artists collective and organization run by electronic experimental sound and performance artists for electronic experimental sound and performance artists. Voidstar Productions was founded in 1990 by D. Dodson and has over the years hosted and co-hosted hundreds of live events and released music from forward thinking independent artsist who had no other viable outlet for their work.

Contact: D. Dodson (a.k.a. Deftly-D) at "deftly [d0t] d [ at ] gmail [ d0t ] c0m"

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